A little bit of history...

The Crossways Suite is part of The Moonrakers pub, owned and managed by Arkell's Brewery, who are now celebrating their 180th anniversary as family brewers.

The pub itself was built in 1931 and opened as the Crossways Club, not receiving its full licence until 1953 - the first entirely new licence granted in Swindon in nearly 50 years.

The name recalls the famous Wiltshire legend of the Moonrakers, country folk who fooled excisemen into thinking that they were simple-minded enough to be trying to rake the moon's reflection from a pond when really they were recovering illegal liquor from its hiding place. The magnificent pub sign outside depicts the original Moonrakers, a nickname given to all Wiltshire people since.

Situated at Stratton Crossroads (well-known by locals as 'The Crossways') on the road that connects Swindon with its Northern Expansion, The Moonrakers and The Crossways Suite are perfectly positioned if you are arriving from the A420, which is only 5 mins away.